Sydney James.jpeg

PRESIDENT: Sydney James

Sydney James is a master's student in civil engineering with an emphasis on transportation safety. Her favorite NHL team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. And her favorite memory with the team is the numerous road trips throughout the seasons. 


VICE PRESIDENT: Chloe Galinsky

Chloe is a junior, studying computer science with a minor in mathematics. Being from Canada, she favors the Calgary Flames. Chloe's favorite memory is getting a sweep over Iowa in the past season. 

SECRETARY: Nicole Laue

Nicole is a senior agronomy major. Her favorite NHL team is the Minnesota Wild. She also enjoys the team bonding on the road for away games! 


TREASURER: Audrey Wilheln


Audrey is a biology major from Royal, Nebraska. Her favorite NHL team is the Colorado Avalanche. Besides playing and winning, her favorite memory is playing at an ice rink inside the middle of a shopping mall on an away trip to Iowa!